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How to Raise Your Vibration to Manifest Anything You Want

Have you ever wanted to improve your life but didn’t know where to start? Have you ever felt like you were sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?

No one could get a read on you, you were untrusted because you couldn’t trust and unloved because you couldn’t love. One good place to start is in the realization that every choice you made in life up to this point has gotten you…to this point.

Thinking outside the box is a prerequisite for change when nothing else in your box worked for you, and once outside you will realize that everything is connected on a vibrational frequency that people like Nikola Tesla first proved existed.

You cannot see, hear, taste or touch it, but it’s there.

From there, you can start the process to raise your vibration in order to manifest anything you want in order to live a more fulfilling life. When the term “manifest anything you want” is used, it basically means to show or to prove through your actions that are dictated by your thoughts what you are all about. You can be anything you want, but to be positive, productive and, in those ways, influential, you have to take conscious steps in that direction.

There are steps to take in order to raise your vibration that, once you start, you will realize that you should have started to raise your vibrational frequency years ago. It makes you feel that good. But the past is the past. You can’t change it so dwelling on it will do no good. It will actually lower, not raise your vibration. There is no order in which you need to perform these steps and, along the way, you might add your own. These are all positive in nature, both figuratively and literally.

Music tuned to 432hz is a great place to start in order to manifest anything you want. It lays the groundwork for everything else you will be doing to raise your vibrational frequency. The 432 frequency is most easily reached in the C chords which then brings out the 8hz frequency in the music, and that is our optimal frequency level.

Things you can do on your own include:

  • Create a board that is a montage of positive pictures either online or offline.
  • Envision your ideal life.
  • Envision your ideal partner.
  • Listen to your favorite comedian.

Starting with those will begin to raise your vibration as well as your vibrational frequency, and put you on the road to manifest anything you want. These are stepping stones to use in order to make the next few suggestions easier to do.

  • Compliment a stranger.
  • Be grateful.
  • Take a hike in the woods.
  • Stay active in society.
  • Take time to appreciate nature.
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The Better Things In Life Take Time

Remember that this may seem like a slow process to get to where you can manifest anything you want so you may have to practice something on a daily basis you rarely did before: Have patience. The old saying that patience is a virtue is an old saying for a reason. It’s true and it is not easy to some by these days. It should come naturally, but because the world has changed in the ways it has for the past 100 years a person has to be out-of the-box to practice this on a daily basis. But that’s okay. This is all in the name of personal development in order to raise your vibration.

Getting back to the vibrational frequency for a moment, it was suggested that this is the first step. This is suggested because this is a method that can be used 24/7. There are videos out there that have 10 hours worth of 432hz music that you can go to sleep to and wake up to. Plug the phone into the charger, put it in a drawer 6 feet away to minimize the electromagnetic discharges from your phone, and sleep the sleep of kings. A CD would be just as effective as well.

When you are taking a hike, shopping, driving or whatever else you can put earbuds in and enjoy. It doesn’t have to drown out everything either. This constant method to raise your vibration and vibrational frequency can be subliminal and effective at the same time. It is the frequency that is important. It is that vibration that will raise your vibration to be more “in tune” with nature.

To Get Back To The Beginning

Some say that this is what it is all about. Being more in tune with nature. A tree and a river have manifested themselves through their vibrational frequency through the millennia until what they are is a given. There is no doubt or speculation involved. We can be that way as well. With many of us, those waters are murky. Others don’t know the depth, the purpose or even which way that river is flowing. Raise your vibration to manifest anything you want and you will leave no doubt in anyone’s mind what you are all about.

Some may counter this by pointing out the bad people in the world. “You can manifest anything you want”, those people may say. To a point, they are right. But we all know they are masking something. They are running from or hiding from something about themselves that they cannot face. The point where they are wrong is that, yes, you can manifest anything you want, but that is predicated on not being able to reach what you need. It’s like wanting a beer when you need a glass of water because it’s easier to get. You will not raise your vibration this way, your vibrational frequency will keep you on the lower end of life.

We are all born good. Pure. Untouched by the influences of man. Our vibrational frequency was probably at its peak at the beginning. But as the years go on, we lose that innocence and, in turn, our level of enlightenment. Some people never recognize this and simply accept that this is the way it is. “You have to grow up” they say. It does not have to be that way though. An all or nothing proposition. It is never too late to take the steps needed to raise your vibration back up to the point where it was when you were much younger. It is never too late to be able to take your life back and manifest anything you want.

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